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BareAir is an initiative to introduce natural products for skin and hair which relieve you from the tenacious effects of pollution accumulated in your pores causing damage.

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The dire impact of pollution has adversely affected our lifestyle in every possible manner. There is no denying the vitality of finding solutions to combat pollution and its effects.

Our key goal was to find a barrier between Skin & Pollution. Alteromonas (AFE) is an extract from the gram-negative bacteria, Alteromonas macleodii which is found in deep areas of seawater. Due to its polysaccharide structure, it has water-binding properties for skin and is a good smoothening agent. There is preliminary information indicating that this ingredient also contributes to repairing skin’s surface and acting as a conditioner. As more research was done, it was discovered to hold a structure consistent with that of a polysaccharide. This means that the extract has properties that can activate the hydration and protection process in the skin.

Polysaccharides also play a vital role in repair and rejuvenation of the skin, as well a providing a protecting barrier to the skin.

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Our company’s motto is to prevent and heal. Our personal care product range has been well thought out create a barrier against pollution along with repairing the damage already done.


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