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  • Repair Balm 15gm (with Vitamin E, Almond Oil & Mango Butter)
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Some people develop dark lips due to change in lifestyle and other medical factors. It can be a sign of hyperpigmentation. But worry not! It can be reduced with the use of the right natural and pure product along with some home remedies. the color of your lips may indicate that they need more attention. Dark lips may be caused due to sun exposure, excessive smoking, an allergic response to certain products.
Are you conscious of wearing shorts because you worry about people noticing your dark knees? Is your wardrobe filled with long sleeves and jackets, because you really dread people seeing your dark elbows? Are you losing that confidence of wearing clothes that you wished you bought. Well! Bare Air has a solution for you. You have come to the right place. It’s time that you flaunt those shorts on the beach and wear care-free wherever you wanted to wear.