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  • Repair Balm 15gm (with Vitamin E, Almond Oil & Mango Butter)
    BareAir Repair Balm with Vitamin E, Almond Oil & Mango Butter
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Dry Lips Knees Elbows Natural Products

You know what’s the most delicate part of our skin? It’s the Lips- thinnest, delicate and hence the first one to show the sign of aging and dryness. So it also needs that extra-attention. It is the first most attention grabbing part of your face. Earlier it was only winters that made the lips look chapped and dry. But now as we are more prone to sun and pollution - our delicate skin on lips may get drier every second. Unlike our skin, lips do not produce oils to protect them against drying. If you have dry or chapped lips, what you need is the Bare Air’s Repair lip balm to give your lips a nourishing touch. The lip balm is rich in vitamin E, Almond oil and mango butter. Keep your lips moisturized all time with this handy lip balm. A good lip care will protect the skin on lips from cracking. Bare Air- India’s natural and pure skincare products range is the final online shopping era for all your skin and hair care needs. We bring you the best repair lip balm filled with pure and natural ingredients.