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Why Natural Cosmetics are The Way to Go Ahead in The Post Covid Era

“We don’t go natural, we return to natural.” Nature is always pleased with simplicity and so is the skin.  Coronavirus outbreak has brought a ripple effect on global healthcare, however, this pandemic is equally responsible to bring opportunities for self-care. This busiest yet quietest time period witnessed an explosive growth in skin-care and natural cosmetics have actually disrupted the beauty industry. Organic and sustainable skincare are immensely contributing with the purest form of the ingredients. 

Give your skin an extra shot with BareAir which offers holistic Anti-Pollution Skin & Hair Care Range that protects skin and hair from the grave repercussion of pollution. We, at BareAir, feature 100% natural products to unearth true beauty in the form of skincare, hair care, and anti-pollution range. Being a one-stop solution for high-performance skincare and haircare products, BareAir is the only destination to optimize your skin and hair. 


Post-COVID era is actually the time ripe of revolution signifying an irreversible shift towards organic innovation. More and more organic and green beauty products are being embraced. This time stretch is remarkable when people actually minimized daily exposure to hazardous makeup products. They have wholeheartedly accepted taking care of skin more important than covering it up. BareAir is a one-stop-destination for Anti-Pollution Skin & Hair Care Products exclusively designed for the Indian skin and hair. This post-covid-19 era glorifies your skin with Brightening Face Wash made out of earth-friendly ingredients which are naturally-sourced and clinically-effective. 

Safer than Ever 

In pursuit of living safer, people are actually looking for an all-natural line of cosmetics. Safe cosmetics advocate transparency and push for “green your beauty routine”. Natural cosmetics have potentially less harmful synthetic ingredients. They are eco-friendly and gentler on the skin. Try out our Brightening Face Pack with Kaolin Clay & Vitamin C to restore skin’s glow.

Get the delight of gorgeous skin and lustrous hair with BareAir which offers high-end sophistication skincare, haircare, and other Anti-Pollution Range. Take advantage of our combos with the perfect combination between aesthetics and performance of dermatology to soothe the aftermath of Coronavirus. 

Natural and Organic 

Natural ingredients are deemed to be more beneficial by employing naturally derived ingredients originating from plants and minerals. Concurrently, people during the post covid era are refraining to take on harsh chemicals to alter their appearances. When it comes to hair, people are actually plumping for natural ingredients due to the reparative properties. 

Are you planning to revitalize your hair? Look no further than BareAir which offers the best hair care products to strengthen your weak hair and restore hair glow. Boost shine in lacklustre locks with Argan Oil & Shea Butter enriched Natural Moulding Cream available at BareAir. 


Cruelty-free is way healthier for skin and hair which implies less likelihood of inflammations, allergies, and breakouts. Switching to cruelty-free cosmetics meaning better for your health as well as your furry friends’ health. Products free of animal byproducts is a safer, and kinder approach towards our pets. Potentially a better environment-friendly option, Cruelty-free regimen is far more bountiful in vitamins and minerals along with antioxidant properties. 

Wondering to add ethical hair care? BareAir offers the best guilt-free option for frizzy hair, hair care, styling, oily scalp, and shampoo. Browse our cruelty-free hair products like BareAir shampoo inspired by nature. 


This post-Covid 19 era has undoubtedly been a huge stressor with a plethora of uncertainties.  However, one should not subjugate the importance of skin and hair care amid the existential threat of Coronavirus. 

The glamorous and pristine natural cosmetics are free from unnecessary testings making it cost-effective with long-lasting results. At BareAir, we employ accurate ways to determine the safety of cosmetics. So, explore our comprehensive range of skincare, haircare, anti-pollution range and combos available at unbelievable prices.  Keep scrolling to our best combos like Charcoal Detox (Charcoal Face Wash+ Charcoal Face Pack) to rejuvenate your skin like never before. 

The Verdict: 

Covid-19 has greatly startled our psyche. However, positivity always wins. Choose to be optimistic with the best skin and hair because your skin and hair care are an investment, not an expense.