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The BareAir Story - What We Stand for

Honestly speaking I never thought  I would be owning and managing a natural beauty brand. Well, now I am and all that goes to the support of my parents and my wife whose vision and guidance have been a constant encouragement in making BareAir a recognised brand in the natural beauty industry.

Success doesn’t come easy. Constant struggle and perseverance play a vital role in shaping the future of any business and our journey has been no different; a roller-coaster ride filled with upsets, regrets, learning and finally success. 

I have been thinking a lot about sharing the BareAir story but this business asks for so much commitment towards our customers that I hadn’t had enough time to write it down. However, 

amid the COVID-19, when most of the global population is under lockdown, I thought why not entertain our customers with the BareAir story, to keep your spirits high, while we all are struggling to win this fight against the global pandemic.  

So let’s start with how this idea of starting my own natural beauty product chain crossed my mind and how with the support of many it is a reality now

How it all started:

Being a Delhi resident I have long known how harmful pollution can be for the skin. Even I myself never stepped out without applying a skincare product. Also, I used to travel a lot abroad and I was fascinated with the fact that there were so many different skincare products available for face, hair, lips, etc and the best part was that they were naturally formulated, free from all chemicals. This is when I decided to step into the beauty industry.

The thought that there were very few natural beauty products here in India, hit me hard and it was back in April 2018 that I started working on testing various combinations of natural products. It was a tough time for me back then, spending days in the lab but as I said earlier, my parent’s support and my wife’s guidance kept me going. It took time but finally, in November 2019 we finally launched BareAir.

Why the name BareAir:

The first reason behind building a trustable beauty brand was to keep the skin clear of the harmful effects of pollution, signifying that the air around was bare, free of all impurities. Hence the name BareAir.

How has been the road so far:

Not easy by surely an adventurous one.

It takes a lot for any new brand stepping in the beauty industry to be appreciated by the public but the trust of our customers and the quality of products with which we have never compromised did make it a lot easier. 

From the very first day, we promised ourselves that no matter how hard it gets we will not be compromising with the quality of products and this has helped us in acquiring a loyal user base.

What are the future plans:

Currently, we are more invested in face products and as we move ahead in our journey of empowering the beauty industry with FDA approved natural products, we are slowly and gradually expanding BareAir to stand tall as a complete package offering both beauty as well as hair care products.  

Where do I see BareAir 5 years from now:

To be honest, I never imagined that BareAir will appeal to the public in such a short span of time and seeing this success, we are confident enough that BareAir will be the #1 natural beauty brand of the country with more and more people trusting BareAir products with their day to day skincare regimen. 

All I would say is the hard work has paid off and we will continue to keep up the good work we are doing.