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Night Care for Your Skin with BareAir

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and signs of pollution, stress, nutrient deficiency, irregular diet, etc first reflect through the skin. However, following a healthy lifestyle and following a daily skin care regimen can help in maintaining keeping the skin happy at all times. Using anti-pollution natural beauty products such as face pack, face wash, face serum, SPF sunscreen, and moisturizer can assist the skin in fighting the outside pollution and keep the environmental damage from dirt and sun rays at bay, during the daytime.
But there’s one thing that people overlook that is ‘a night-care routine’ since they aren’t aware of the importance of following a night care routine. So, in this article, I will be sharing why a night care routine is important and how BareAir products can help you in doing so:

Why night care routine is important:

The day can be harsh for the skin since it is prone to pollution, harmful UAV radiations, dirt, etc that can do damage to the skin but a daycare regimen takes care of that. However, the impurities still stay on the skin and should be taken care of before you go to sleep.
Dermatologists and researchers have already said it a million times that during the night time, the blood flow to the skin is maximum and it works to repair the damage done to the skin during the day. Cell regeneration is maximum during the night and therefore, the skin must be provided with nourishing ingredients to undo the damage done during the day.
Never miss on a nightcare regimen if you want to flaunt a healthy, glowing and happy skin during the day. Now since you know why it is important, let’s move on to discuss how you can do that:

BareAir’s Night Care products

Night Serum:

Our night serum is a naturally formulated one, made from a special combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Mulberry Extracts, giving your skin all the revitalization it needs to recover by getting deep into the skin and eliminating pollutants, thereby replenishing the skin. It can also be used as a hydrating agent alongside offering rich nourishment to the skin.

Night Cream:

Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E, Olive oil, Shea butter, and Aloe Vera gel, BareAir’s night cream helps the skin to fight against issues like fine lines, blemishes, age spots, scars and loss of elasticity and rejuvenating the skin while you are soundly sleeping.

Under Eye Cream:

Enriched with the benefits of Vitamin E +C, Cucumber & Caffeine Extract, our under eye cream helps in repairing fine lines, dark circles, get rid of firm wrinkles, any signs of wrinkles and rejuvenate your tired and puffy eyes.

Makeup remover:

No night care routine is complete without a makeup remover that helps in getting rid of the oil-based makeup from the skin. Made out of Micellar water with soothing Green Tea extracts, our makeup remover is alcohol-free and is made with pure and natural ingredients. Get rid of makeup, as well as traces of dirt, oil & pollution from your skin before you go to bed and help the skin in repairing even better.


The skin is one organ that is directly and continuously interacts with the environment and is, therefore, the most affected by its harshness. From pollution to the sun rays, the skin is struggling all day long to keep up with its health. A daycare routine aids the skin in fighting the roughness of the environment but it is the night care routine that replenishes it from the losses of the day which makes the night care routine even more important.

Promise yourself a healthy skin with our night care products.