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Mom deserves the BEST! Surprise, dazzle and delight the woman who does it all


A mother’s job is more than the regular 9 hour job and the best part is that even after working 24/7, no mother considers this as a job but a duty and responsibility. Even though times have changed and women now have jobs too, still being a mother is still the same. 

After all the hard work a mother does, it is but natural for her skin to get dull and damaged. 

And moms can be tough to convince that their skincare is as important as their overall health. Ut you can surprise the most important woman in your life with BareAir’s natural skincare range and see to it that the glow on her face never fades away.

DayCare Combo for mothers with BareAir

Brightening Face Pack+Brightening Face Wash+Repair Balm:

Daytime is the most hectic time when mothers are busy preparing breakfast for the family and getting ready themselves (for working mothers). Such a tight schedule asks for a daycare regimen that not only keeps the skin glowing but also helps in fighting the free-radicals and pollutants. Here’s our Daycare combo for mothers:

Brightening Face Pack

Brighten your mom’s day with our Vitamin C, Grapeseed Oil, and Kaolin Clay enriched face pack that takes on the pollutants and removes dirt, pollutants, and impurities from the skin, offering a naturally glowing skin. Vitamin C will make sure that the free radical damage is no more an issue, leaving the skin soft and smooth. 

Brightening Face Wash

While the day gets hectic, face wash is a must-have skincare product for your mother and our natural brightening face wash is a part of the combo. This facewash contains Vitamin C that takes on the urban pollutants which is best for mothers that are exposed to the day to day pollution. It washes the pollutants away so that the skin remains strong from within. 

Repair Balm

Your beautiful mother doesn’t deserve cracked lips and as the summers are here, dry and rough lips can be a common issue. Gift her the nourishing touch with our Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Mango Butter enriched multipurpose repair balm. Let our repair balm take care of your mother’s cuticles, elbows, and even her knees to keep them moisturized all day long.


NightCare Combo for mothers with BareAir

Night Serum+Night Cream+Under Eye Cream

While the day is pretty hectic, it is the night time that when the skin repairs the damages of the day and before your mom goes to sleep, ensure that she gets the night care she deserves. 

Night Serum: As the day ends and your mom finally gets some time for herself, let her skin revitalize from the environmental damage done during the day with the essence of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Mulberry Extracts. It gets deep into the skin and replenishes it, aiding in the cellular regeneration of the skin while she sleeps peacefully.

Night Cream: Are you worried about the fine lines, blemishes, age spots and scars on your mom’s face? Don’t worry our night cream is here to take care of all these skin problems. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, Olive oil, Shea butter, and Aloe Vera gel, our night cream offers a natural way to get rid of all such problems.

 Under Eye Cream: You won’t see more honest eyes than a mother’s eyes. However, the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles can be a hindrance. Gift this under eye cream to your mother, enriched with Vitamin E +C, Cucumber & Caffeine Extract, and let those beautiful eyes be wrinkle-free alongside rejuvenating those tired and puffy eyes.


Make the special woman of your life feel extra special this Mother’s day by letting her know how you care for her!!