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How to take Care of Your Skin and Hair in Early 20s

The GenZ generation like all the teens in their early 20s is pretty energetic. A day in the life of most teenagers involves attending college, chilling out with friends, surfing the internet and how can we forget sleeping. Also, teenagers nowadays are the way to presentable and love styling and dressing up to impress.

However, in between all this, there arises a need to take care of the young skin. Pollution, make-up, sunlight, and internal factors like hormonal changes can be pretty rough for the skin. The skin needs extra care and therefore following a daily skincare regimen shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Skin and hair care products to use in the early 20s:

Anti-acne and Pimple:

Since the body is undergoing hormonal changes, the most common skin problem amongst teenagers is acne and pimples. Popping acne are common and can get even depressing if not given proper attention. Moreover, they leave behind marks which can take months to disappear and by that time another one pops up.

And therefore, the first step towards maintaining healthy and acne-free skin is to include anti-acne and pimple products which may include naturally formulated face packs as well as face washes. But it should be kept in mind to use only natural beauty products if you wish to flaunt your skin even when you grow older.  

Tan Removal:

Going to college or chilling out with friends, you can’t let the sun rays mess with your skin. As the summers are nearing, the heat of the sun will only get warmer and these sun rays can significantly tan your skin, giving it an uneven tone. But with a tan removal natural beauty product, you can ensure that the sun rays(UVA rays) don’t reach the deeper layers of the skin(epidermis), thus keeping the skin tan free.

Make-up remover:

As I said earlier, Gen Z’s love presenting themselves and makeup(mainly for girls) is one way that can’t be missed apart from dressing to kill. However, most make-up products are chemically formulated and once you are back home, your skin wouldn’t enjoy chemicals sitting on it all night long while you sleep soundly. Therefore, using a natural make-up remover is a very essential part of the skincare regimen during your early 20s. 

Molding Cream for hair:

How can you talk about being presentable and miss out on styling your hair? Even I remember I loved experimenting with all sorts of haircuts when I was in my early 20s. However, back then we didn’t have many natural hair products like moulding creams that would keep the hairs in shape all day long. So, if you Include a molding cream you can flaunt your new haircut all day long and also protect them from harmful pollutants.


Hair Fall can significantly lower one’s confidence and worrying about losing hair at early age shouldn’t be on the cards when you should be enjoying your life. Pollution and dust particles suspended in the air are the common causes of hair fall apart from other factors like family history and diet. The daily dust and pollution sitting on the hairs can cause problems like frizzy hairs, hair fall, itching, etc and to get rid of such situations, wash your hairs with a natural shampoo and let your hairs do the talking.


Everyone loves flaunting beautiful skin and stylish hair and especially when they are in their early 20s. From friends to their dates, they love being appreciated. However, it isn’t a tough task and just including a few natural products in your day to day regimen can do wonders.

Love and care for your skin and hair while you are young and they will return back the favour as you start getting older.