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Haircare With BareAir

‘Hair are to flaunt, not fall.’

To flaunt your hair, proper care is very important which ensures that they are thick and shiny. A healthy scalp is key to great hair. A normal human normally loses almost 100 to 150 strands every day. However, the problem arises when you are losing hair regularly but they aren’t growing back in the same proportion which results in hair loss. Moreover, hair loss is not the only problem as the rising pollution and hard water are also actively contributing towards degrading the overall health of your hair, causing them to become hard, frizzy and what not.

Hair is one’s crowning glory which makes it even more important to give them more attention and care. Using the right products is very essential and what better way than to use the very own nature to aid in keeping your hair better on all days. Just let your hair loose and let them speak volumes.

We at BareAir offer two naturally formulated haircare products that help in keeping your hair voluminous and healthy.  Here’s how both our products vouch for your hair while you don’t have to worry about the damage done by harmful chemicals:

BareAir products for your hair:

Molding cream

Dust and pollution are very harmful to the hair and can make them messy. But that won’t be a problem for your hair anymore when you’ve got the perfect molding cream which is formulated with Argan Oil and Shea Butter. BareAir’s natural molding cream protects your hair from excess pollution and dust particles. This natural formula also makes sure that you have thick hair as well as aid in boosting the volume of your hair while ensuring long-lasting hold to whatever style you choose to wear.


Pollution isn’t visible to the naked eye but the hair goes through its torture all day long. This pollution can make the hair dry and leave the scalp itchy. Also, it can severely damage the hair roots which is a major cause of hair fall. Our Argan oil-infused shampoo is the ultimate solution to all your hair problems including excess oil. The Rasshoul clay in the shampoo further helps in getting rid of the dirt, grime and other residual matter of the scalp. Get free-flowing hair with our combination of natural Rhassoul Clay and Argan infused in this shampoo.

Hair care combo

Moulding cream + Shampoo

Apart from flaunting, good hair can boost one’s confidence significantly and add an extra touch of style and fashion to the overall personality. Dermatologists and hair specialists highly recommended using n natural hair care products for skincare as well as hair care since the environmental factors like pollution and dust are already doing enough damage to them and using chemically formulated beauty products only adds fuel to the fire. With BareAir you choose a natural beauty product brand that ensures that the formula used is 100% natural and chemical-free. Give us a try and let us be a part of your daily skincare and haircare regimen.