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Anti-pollution Skincare -Transforming skincare with the changing lifestyle


Being a part of an Indian family, you may have heard a lot of stories from your parents about how difficult and different their lifestyle was when they were young. While this is true, the changing lifestyle has come at a cost as we have exploited nature to a great extent. One of the major repercussions of this transformation is the increasingly toxic and polluted atmosphere which is adversely affecting us, humans. 

However, when we talk about the effects of pollution, our skin is the first point of contact and therefore, needs protection to stay healthy and glowing. Dull and unhealthy skin can result in depression as well as low self-confidence. This is why the anti-pollution skincare range has become an essential part of or day to day lives as it helps in coping up with the harmful effects of pollution on the skin.

But does anti-pollution really work?

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning anti-pollution products.

What is anti-pollution skincare?

Anti-pollution skincare range includes beauty products that are aimed at:

  1. Protecting the skin from harmful pollutants like dust, UV rays, etc.
  2. Getting rid of the pollutants resting on the skin 

Residing in a metropolitan city isn’t easy as the skin is continuously exposed to UV rays, free radical damage, air pollutants, etc. Anti-pollution skincare sees to it that your skin is free from the harmful effects of environmental damage.

How does anti-pollution skincare work?

Following up on the above points, anti-pollution products are mainly used during the day time to act as a protective barrier and shielding the skin against pollutants. 

On the contrary, researchers believe that the blood flow to the skin is maximum during the night and anti-pollution products remove the remaining impurities from the skin, thus helping the skin to repair the skin damage done to the skin during the day.

Therefore, both daycare and night care routine that includes anti-pollution beauty products is very important.

Are natural skin care products better?

While many brands claim themselves as anti-pollution brands and listing down why one ‘must-have’ a certain product, it has become so difficult to choose what's best for your skin. The only ‘must-have’ one should look for in a beauty product is whether it is natural or not. Since chemically formulated products do more damage to the skin than benefit.

What we offer

We started off as a natural anti-pollution range and even the name BareAir signifies that the air around is bare and free of all impurities to keep the skin as healthy as it could be. Offering  100% natural and cruelty-free products has always been our priority since we trust nature more than the chemicals. Here are some natural essential ingredient combinations that you’ll find in our beauty products range that we have formulated in our labs after research and hard work of over a year:

Summing Up:

As said earlier, healthy skin can lift one’s confidence significantly, and therefore it is somehow related to success. You may have seen how all successful people are filled with grace and glow. Obviously, it is their hard work that got them that but a few things go unnoticed and work behind the scenes. And a skin care regimen is one of those few things, so never miss on a natural anti-pollution beauty range.